Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Why Age Gap Isn’t Important for Cebuanas

Why Age Gap Isn’t Important for Cebuanas

It wasn’t that long ago that couples having a substantial age gap was frowned upon in Philippine society. However, in the current Philippine dating scene (particularly in Cebu’s dating scene) Filipina-foreigner couples with a considerable age difference have slowly become the norm. In fact, for many older, foreign bachelors, younger Cebuanas are ideal brides.
Why do mature foreign men seek true love on the island of Cebu? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Cebuanas are ideal lifetime companions. These women are capable of giving and sustaining love which transcends age and race.
Cebu women are true romantics and this makes them fearless when it comes to love. They believe that love is limitless and knows no boundaries. This makes them willing to give relationships their all and go well beyond their comfort zone to seek and maintain it.
For the beautiful single island ladies of Cebu, age is just a number, when it comes to love. They typically prefer men who are older than them. Fortuitously, foreign men also prefer to marry younger women. So, if you are an older gentleman, a Cebuana might just be your perfect match.
Vinta Mehta’s Age Differential Theory hypothesizes that younger women-older men relationships occur because men want a woman who’s young and is fertile to conceive. This theory also states that women prefer someone who’s already mature and stable.
This theorem explains why Cebu women tend to embrace romantic relationships with foreign men much older than them. Cebuanos in general are more accepting of this type of relationship and aren’t bothered by a huge age difference.


If your desire is to date a Cebuana, don’t hesitate due to fear that your age might be viewed unfavorably. Here are just a few reasons why you should set your mind at ease:

1. Cebuanas associate age with maturity.
Cebuanas don’t mind an age difference between them and their foreign partners. To them, age is associated with experience and maturity. They believe mature men are far more knowledgeable and wise. They also believe that older partners can impart many more significant lessons to them.

2. A broader point of view.
Cebu women think that older men are more open-minded and patient. For Cebuanas, older men also have a broader perspective and a clearer picture of how the world works. They understand a wide array of situations and are capable of adapting to any circumstances.
Furthermore, Cebuanas believe that maturity breeds patience. Unlike younger and less experienced men who are more likely to act on impulse, Cebuanas know that older men are more adept at making calculated and well-thought-of-decisions.

3. A relationship’s success has nothing to do with age.
Cebu women put little-to-no emphasis on age when it comes to relationships. They don’t consider this a factor that would detract from success in love. More important to them is trust, commitment, and genuine love. For island ladies of Cebu, these are the qualities that define the course of a relationship, not their partner’s age.

4. Cebu women give more weight on compatibility and chemistry.
Cebu women are the kind of women that tend to look past superficial attributes. They look at the inner characteristics of their man. The fact that divorce has yet to be legalized in the Philippines makes Cebuanas extremely discerning in choosing their husbands.
Due to the uniqueness of Philippine marriage culture, they are more concerned with compatibility and chemistry than they are with your age. They want someone who can be their partner for life.
These are the reasons why Cebuanas are the most sought-after brides for older men from around the globe. Once you are in a romantic relationship with these women, you can expect them to be far more interested regarding your inner qualities than your superficial characteristics.
Cebuanas would prefer to settle down with someone who has the same beliefs as them regarding love, marriage, and family life. They want a man of substance because for them, wisdom and maturity are sexy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Cebuanas and What Their Body Language Say

In the early stages of dating, it’s normal to feel anxious about how your date feels about you. You certainly can't help but wonder whether she's into you or not. Most women from Western countries are more straightforward about how they feel, but in contrary, Asian women, particularly Cebuanas are far more subtle in how they express themselves.

As if reading between the lines isn't already hard enough, figuring out how a girl from a different cultural background feels about you presents an entirely different challenge. Your unfamiliarity of their culture, traditions, and customary practices might lead you to misunderstand the message she's trying to get across through her body language. 

Due to their traditional upbringing, Cebuanas tend to have a more reserved and conservative disposition. Their demure demeanor makes it more difficult for men (especially Westerners) to decipher their body language. Moreover, it is not customary in Cebu’s dating culture for women to be candid about their feelings in the early stages of dating, making it a lot harder to know for sure if she’s really into you or not.

Due to these underlying facts, it is imperative for you to know a thing or two about the corresponding meanings of certain non-verbal cues by Cebuanas. Here are a few telltale signs to help you determine if a Cebuana is indeed into you: 
1.  She will play with her hair.

This body language is somewhat oxymoronic because experts say that twirling or playing of hair is to show innocence but is also a way of flirting at the same time. So, when your Cebu girl twirls her hair while talking to you, take it as a sign that she loves being around you, but she wants you to set boundaries and respect her innocence.

2.  Her cheeks will blush.
Blushing is a physiological reaction to excitement and delight. You can tell that she enjoys your company when her cheeks turn red everytime you say something funny or romantic. This is probably one of the most obvious signs to spot that says a lot about how a Cebuana feels for you.

3. She will unconsciously mirror your actions.
When a Cebu woman tries to mimic your actions while you’re on a date, that could be an indication that she’s into you. Due to the fact that she’s paying close attention to you, she unconsciously copies your body movements and mannerisms as a result.

4. Cebuanas smile a lot.

Cebu women always have a smile for everyone, but you will know her smile is special when it radiates in her eyes. She will laugh hysterically even at your silliest jokes. This is her way of showing that she enjoys being around you and that she appreciates your company.

5. The tone of her voice will change.

Whenever you’re around Cebuanas, try to notice how the tone of their voice changes. It is a reflection of their excitement to be with you. Whenever her voice gets a tad higher, it shows that she looks forward being around you.

6. They can’t look you in the eye.

Cebuanas are naturally shy due to the religious and traditional inclination of the Filipino culture. As a result, they find it hard to make eye contact with the man whom they admire. Don’t take it as an insult if she can’t look you in the eye, especially if you’ve just started dating, rather make her feel more comfortable so that she can slowly open up about her feelings towards you.

Cebuanas won’t directly tell you how they feel. They will test your sincerity and consistency first. However, what her body language says is a great indicator of whether she’s into you or not.

It may take you a while to finally connect the dots and confidently say that you and your Cebuana have a mutual admiration and love for each other. But you just have to be patient because you’re not just dating an ordinary woman -- Cebuanas are the epitome of exceptional beauty and endearing qualities.

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